What is Hybrid Solar?

Hybrid Solar technology produces both electric and thermal energy (solar heated water). FEGEN makes this possible using Hybrid panels identically looking with the conventional solar ones and the use of only 1 additional all-in-one device.

Hybrid Solar Panels.

Fegen has the most compact and powerful up to 300W electric power & up to 1300W combined power hybrid panels in the market, without any compromise in aesthetics, as they are produced in various colors.
  • They combine electric and thermal energy by using panels identically looking with the conventional PV ones, that have an integrated hydraulic circuit, which combined with various other components provides high temperature to tens of times multiple to the circuit water volume.

  • They maximize the electric energy produced in hot climate conditions. Conventional PV panels derate in heat. The hybrid panels circuit apart from producing hot water, it also cools their solar part resulting in 100% performance during summertime when the sunshine is in tense and constant.

  • They minimize the installation space needed. Hot water production drastically reduces the electric consumption of thermal energy production devices, resulting in the need of less panels in a hybrid installation (not all panels need to be hybrid), so less space is needed in the roof, and less investment cost compared to what someone would expect from such an installation.


Hybrid Solar Module.

Moving one step forward, Fegen produces all the additionally needed hybrid (electric and hydraulic) gear in one compact, heavy duty, IP55 waterproof, outdoor, fully certified and scalable device, with good aesthetics, which is all-in-one, totally pre-engineered and pre-assembled, and therefore plug & play (HSM).

This results in:

  • Elimination of the conventional boiler room located in the building, freeing space in the building,

  • Elimination of the added labor assembly cost of the boiler room on site, as everything is pre-assembled in one box,

  • Immediate start up, so almost zero installation time, as only the electric and hydraulic connection of HSM with the building, the panels and the grid is needed,

  • Avoidance of responsibility conflicts in case of malfunction, as the supplier is one,

  • Easy control and maintenance, as it is outdoor.

  • Hybrid Solar technology produces electric and thermal energy, so, hot water for heating, space, usage water and pools.

  • IT DOESN’T REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL COMPONENTS SELECTION DEPENDING ON EACH INSTALLATION, as HSM is pre-dimensioned in a few sizes that have all the necessary gear, whereas with the use of specially designed hardware and software, it constantly monitors the water requirements from all sources and reacts accordingly.

  • Moreover, depending on the installation size, the parallel connection of two or more HSM is easily possible (Modularity), resulting in unlimited applications, while can be both ground or wall positioned depending on the installation.